11 thoughts on “Jackson Hole: Day 5

  1. Sooo what was the assessment?

    I see we have a category for JH2014, so can I assume there are future plans/dreams?

    I will keep watching my feed. Words please. 🙂

    1. The assessment will be thorough for sure. I don’t think I will be tipping my hand too much by saying that Jackson hole is awesome and I will be back… And yes… The new trip category is suggestive of other trips in the future.

    1. I would have dropped it had I looked sooner. That was the last day on tired legs and the turn sounded scraped down. Bummed I wasn’t feeling it but on fresh legs and good snow, I would have gone for it. All it is really, is just one steeply banked turn… but not hitting that turn would really hurt.

      I was probably being overly conservative in my assessment, but after four and a half days, I wasn’t feeling 100%. I wasn’t really even thinking about doing it when I stopped to look but gave it serious consideration and just felt I was too tired at the time I looked.

      Just one more reason I need to go back. 🙂

      1. It was interesting to see it from below. It takes a lot of the mystery out of it for sure.

        I’m sure that after skiing for 4 days that your legs probably felt like jello! Did anyone else in the pic ski it?

        1. A few people dropped in while I was assessing. It is hard to get a feel for it by watching people drop in because there is no good angle to see the entire thing from due to the huge drop at the lip. The last guy I saw go in made a massive scrapping sound when he turned and he tumbled pretty bad so conditions didn’t look optimal. It looked like it was hit pretty hard and would be best with fresh snow. Basically, everyone that skis it makes a huge “must make” turn in the same place all day.

    1. He also had a pair of Worths but only skied them the first day. His Kastle’s were definitely the better option while we were there. My Atomic Theory was definitely lacking a bit for the wide open and steep aspects, I didn’t expect to notice it as much but my skiing style was decidedly different out there to say the least (at least for the more open aspects, tighter trees and chutes I enjoyed the tighter turn radius of the Theory).

      1. I rented the Kastle LX 82s when I skied in Ischgl, Austria a year ago and bought ’em on ebay a couple months later. They’re a great all-arounder, but I’m surprised that he used them at JH during what looked like a major storm cycle. Would’ve expected him to ski something that was more burly.

        1. I am not familiar with Kastle’s lineup but I think you have misidentified Kingsley’s skis as they are much fatter and stiffer than my Atomic Theory (which is 95mm underfoot).

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