A Cannon Day


A Cannon Day: It is good for what ails you.

Fourteen hours ago, it seemed like this powder day was not to be. I got up, took out the dog, and sat down looking out the window, dead eyes. I felt absolutely wasted. I had not been feeling well for days and the cold hit hard Saturday and Sunday. I knew that a foot of fresh was awaiting, but my body said “no way”. I sat there for half an hour watching the minutes tick away. I had to make a go decision soon to make first chair. I chugged some water, tossed some medicine in my bag, and got moving. I might not be able to ski much but I sure as heck was going to try.

I can report that I have found the cure for the common cold and it is a powder day at Cannon. Once I got going, I felt better every run. As per my usual plan of attack at Cannon, I started on Zoomer and found about eight inches over scratch on the groomers. Untracked on top of groomer is my favorite powder condition (since I get to ski it so rarely) but powder on top of scratch is not so hot. Lower angle Rocket had the best snow of this variety. But the better and deeper action was in the trees as I found in Lakeview and Echo.

Red Ball

I grabbed a tram to the summit and found excellent snow in the trees. I popped out at the bottom of Middle Hard and opted to do it the hard way. I was rewarded for my efforts with a nearly untracked and knee deep Red Ball (at 11:00am). The Peabody was on wind hold so I skated over to Mittersill where I met up with an old friend. We skied many of my favorite tree shots until splitting after noontime. I was amazed at how well the conditions were holding up. Perhaps one of the most uncrowded powder days I have ever seen at Cannon for a storm that was so well publicized.

Untracked powder was easy to score well into the afternoon. Boot deep was the rule and left over knee deep was occasionally the exception. I found untracked lines on every run all day right up until the last run. I picked off all of my favorite lines at Mittersill and felt no desire to work my way back over to Cannon proper even with Kinsman and Tramline open. I even managed to ski a “new to me” line that I always suspected existed but I hadn’t troubled to find the entrance before. It has been quite a few years since I have skied a “new to me” line at Cannon.

Goodness knows how extreme exertion in the cold can cure someone of the common cold but a powder day at Cannon appears to be just what the doctor should have ordered.

Cannon Trees

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