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Jay: 1″ is the new 1′

SBR on Green Beret

Not tagging today as a powder day was a difficult but honest decision. This is a testament to both how poor the season has been and how great the skiing was today. Jay received one inch, which seems to have become the new foot. But drifts were much deeper, blown in snow was abundant, and untracked snow could be found all day long. I have never had more fun skiing a supposed one inch of new snow.

Today was a day of rediscovery. I rode the Tram as much as the Bonnie and never rode the Jet (perhaps a first for myself). I met Sick Bird Rider at Stateside and we soon found ourselves at the top of Can Am, one of my least favorite runs at Jay.

One inch of dense powder skied sweetly resulting in my best run down Can Am ever (which isn’t saying much but saying a whole lot at the same time). We hatched plans to ski some low angle woods but concluded that the untracked inch over groomed was too good to pass up.

SBR on Green Beret

We found Green Beret in very respectable shape. The rock and ledge drops were huge due to the lack of snow. We saved SBR’s “Whole Milk” for later and went Tramside to work the balmy Freezer.

We achieved various levels of success in the Andre’s and JFK areas before finishing off the early afternoon with SBR’s dairy run of choice. I’d say we milked it for sure.

After parting ways with Sick Bird, I cycled the Bonnie to the Tram thrice skiing runs I rarely ski such as Staircase and Canyonland. From the summit, I took two more runs down Green Beret with the Valhalla option both times.

Unmarked trees were tested and approved with gusto. Jackpot would be an understatement when the snow drifts to depths five times the reported new snow. However, for the most part, unmarked trees are still thwacky. Stick season continues even in Northern Vermont.

4 thoughts on “Jay: 1″ is the new 1′

  1. I had a similar day much farther south at Ragged. The inch of natural on soft cord was amazing to ski on. Maybe Ragged wasn’t as epic as Jay but I had to agree with the 1″=1′ feel of the day.

  2. If you are skiing in Vermont, there definitely needs to be a dairy theme. On top of the milk, I really enjoyed the cream cheese frosting on Can Am, River Quai and lower Goat. Very unusual and fun conditions made even better by the lack of people. It was a blast skiing with you Steve. FYI, you were at the computer and blogging before I even got home!

  3. Great skiing with ya, sbr! I was thinking of your still driving home as I was typing up my report.

    Harv, those are the Bacons! Stunning top sheet. The bases are definitely easy to identify… 😉

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