Boot Fitting with Jeff Bokum of Profile Orthotic Center

Here is my boot fitting experience with Jeff Bokum (C-PED) at Profile Orthotic Center in Concord, NH.

After exchanging a few emails, Jeff Bokum was able to setup an appointment for me on extremely short notice (two hours). When I entered the Profile Orthotic Center, I had no doubt that despite handling orthotics for a variety of athletes and sports, skiing is definitely Jeff’s specialty. From the ski boot holster for a heat gun to a signed posted of Glen Plake along with plenty of random ski boots kicking around, his shop oozes ski culture.

Jeff affectionately refers to his work space as a theater for skiers. Customers take their seats on one of two giant steps facing each other that lift the skier high up over the stage that Jeff plies his trade upon. The benches place the skier’s foot at working level. Skiers in this theater are not meant to be spectators but rather Jeff draws heavily upon audience participation.

Having been fitted once before at a different shop, I knew the drill and expected the expert to run the show. But Jeff was not having any of that and ensured this was a team effort. Jeff guided me through the process with his detailed knowledge and provided ample physiological descriptions regarding the what, why, and how of the fitting process.

I was calling many of the shots and being called upon to provide feedback and questions. Jeff desperately wanted questions and participation to ensure the skier being fitted understood the physiological reasons behind what the fitting was trying to accomplish. And thus, the skier being fitted can make educated requests and provide feedback about the fitting. Without questions from the skier being fitted, Jeff would have no way of knowing if his important points regarding the fitting were being understood and how best to proceed with fitting adjustments.

This was entirely unlike my first boot fitting in which the experts asked a few questions to start but largely put me through the motions while they juggled quite a few other customers and gave me little personalized attention.

The fitting included an examination of the feet, foot bed molding, foot bed production, molding the liner, adjustments based on fit, and final boot adjustments for balance such as canting. The entire process took about an hour and a half start to finish.

Jeff is an extremely personable guy and shows great passion for his work. Most of all, he loves ski culture and loves interacting with the people that walk into his shop. The camaraderie between Jeff and his clients is infectious. I entered his shop expecting to have a professional fit my boots and any talk to be strictly business. But halfway through the fitting, Jeff asks if I want a beer while I wait for him to produce the foot bed. This is not business as usual but instead feels more like your ski buds sitting around chatting about boot fit. The only difference being that this ski bud is one of the most experienced in his field.

I highly recommend Jeff Bokum at Profile Orthotic Center in Concord, NH if you are considering having your boots fitted and/or having a custom foot bed made. The quality of his work is excellent. Jeff’s credentials and mastery of his craft would be good enough reasons for a visit. But the personalized care, education provided, personable style, and appreciation for his customers seal the deal.

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