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Spring Skiing at Mad River Glen


Ski it while you can. It is hard to believe that just two weeks ago to the day I was skiing any line on the mountain I wanted with a foot of fresh for the taking. Everything on the mountain was open just two weeks ago, and I mean everything as in pick your line through the trees. Today? Not so much. Generally, I do not set myself up for disappointment this late in the season, but after such an epic March, I had expected slightly better coverage considering all the recent snow. But warmer temperatures and rain took their toll this past week and a half leaving not much snow, especially on the lower mountain.

Temperatures were very cold last night which made for a late start today. My morning routine consisted of taking a lap, then relaxing in front of the Basebox for twenty minutes. Repeat. Moguls in the sun on the upper mountain such as Quacky and Cat Bowl were ready by late morning, but nothing really corned up well until noon time. Many trails required some side stepping or grass skiing depending on the pitch. I did a few killer grass skiing sections with style.

Generally stuck to the Sunnyside Double all day as my few runs off the SIngle were disappointing. Even when Cat Bowl corned up, there were no good options after completing the run as Canyon only had snow in the shade and required side stepping and survival turns. Quacky was really nice and Panther skied well too. Slalom Hill had some fun soft bumps. and the “Brave World of Birdland” was an interesting adventure. Waterfall held in there with a grass patch skiing entrance and of course Bunny was skiing surprisingly well from below Canyon to the Single.

Today was my third day at Mad River this year which means I got my monies worth on my Mad Card. Today was day 39 which ties my most days in a season set back in 2004-2005 with at least two more months of turns to go, maybe three if we get lucky.

Close Up of the Basebox and Single

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