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Downhill Slide by Hal Clifford

Downhill SlideHal Clifford takes aim at corporate ski resorts and their effect on the ski industry and the environment in his hard hitting title. Clifford’s books should be read in conjunction with other titles detailing the complexity of corporations and short term interest on share holder earnings instead of long term stability, profitability, environmental soundness, and community involvement. Such titles I would recommend include The Corporation, Corporation Nation, and When Corporations Rule the World which all detail the history, issues, and problems surrounding how the United States government and judicial systems have chosen to build its economic system based on the publicly owned and traded corporate institution. Downhill Slide looks most closely at the homogenization of large scale resort companies that hurt local towns and economies while attempting to side step and challenge environmental standards. Ski Corporations focus mainly on short term profitability and stock holder satisfaction which promotes an unhealthy corporate climate less likely to care about the local towns, environment, and long term sustainability. If you appreciate the classic family own skier experience and are concerned about large mega ski resort companies and their effects on the ski industry, local ski towns, and the environment, this book is a must read.

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