TheSnowWay.com features trip reports, pictures, video, articles, news, and opinion about skiing in the Northeastern United States and Quebec. Lift serviced, earned turn, and backcountry content is included with a bias towards the classic, challenging, and historic aspects of the New England ski experience.


TheSnowWay.com developed from a trip reporting web site called Skiing New England. TheSnowWay.com domain was obtained in 2005 and the newly redesigned site was hand coded from scratch by the author. In 2007, TheSnowWay.com moved to the WordPress content management system to enable the author to focus more on design and content rather than tedious hand coding.


The domain name has its routes in the author’s former personal web page called The Way. The Way is derived from the rough translation of the Chinese word Tao. Combining The Way with the well known term for crystalline precipitation seemed natural.


Steve is a New England skier who pursues challenging, aesthetic, and adventurous skiing experiences. The author’s natural skiing habitat includes narrow and twisty trails, trees, glades, gullies, and unspoiled natural terrain.

Steve considers Cannon his “home” mountain and Franconia Notch his playground. He is a Shareholder at Mad River Glen. Other favorite mountains include Jay Peak, Smuggler’s Notch, Burke, Mount Mansfield, and Mount Washington.

Steve at Bromley