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Burke: Deep

Fox's Folly

Warren’s Run.

Warren’s Run.

Warren’s Run.

Warren’s Run.

Four times in a row. Four times knee to thigh deep untracked down Burke’s widest and most prominent run, rarely ever a good option for untracked powder due to grooming and race training. While the local guys went straight for the trees, I lapped some of the deepest and best untracked powder turns I’ve skied in years in plain sight of the Quad.

I will never understand the urge to rush the trees when a normally groomed trail is just begging for deep and smooth tracks. Isn’t that why we went into the woods in the first place? Because we couldn’t find good snow and untracked powder on the trails? I hollered and screamed at the top of my lungs in plain sight of the lift, yet no one riding that lift seemed to be following me down the most obvious run into the best snow on the mountain.

Good grief.

Warren’s Run eventually did get tracked out so I took to the trees. Only to discover the off map woods were probably the most tracked out and beaten down lines on the mountain. Even the on map glades seemed to have better snow than the off map lines that were hit by crew after crew in search of untracked when it was hiding in plain sight all along.

Those runs down Warren’s where amazing and only the lack of refills, à la the Valentine’s Day storm of 2007 (almost ten years ago to the day), keep this day from being considered “all time”.

Burke Trees

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