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Jay: Knee to Thigh Deep

Can Am

Despite Jay having ample snow to open 100% of its terrain, only the Jet spun today due to a variety of lift related issues. The tram had a cable issue and was undergoing repairs which took the Bonnie out of commission due to the overhanging cable. Adding insult to injury, the Freezer was awaiting an inspection before making its debut. Many people complained but they were looking a gift horse in the mouth. Today was not a day to complain that the lifts were down but rather to rejoice that only the Jet was spinning.

Can Am

Which meant that lines would eventually get long. So those in the know made lineup at the Jet and took a few Jet runs and started hiking when the line got long. At its longest, the line backed up to U.N. at more than twice the length of the coral. I took three runs off the Jet and then started hiking for the best that Jay had to offer.

Tram Cable Hanging Low

Drifts on Can Am and Exhibition were a stunning knee to thigh deep. Absolutely amazing. Untracked and deep lines were everywhere. Those that complained about the lift issues lacked the imagination or desire to have a potential best day of the season. They were quick to forget last season. Even those that only stuck to the 100% open Jet Triple were treated to better snow than almost anytime last season. And those that looked past the Jet experienced the best snow we’ve skied in many years.

Jay Trees

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