What is your way in life?

This web site started out as nothing more than a collection of trip reports. My ego page began primarily to catalog skiing experiences for personal reference. A secondary goal was that by sharing my own reports, I might then learn about conditions from the reports of others. As the internet began to expand and develop, a growing community of skiers would hopefully share this vision of reporting actual conditions online instead of relying upon ski area reports.

But that was not enough. I desired professionalism and a slick web site with extensive cataloging and tagging to better sort and search through my reports for reference. Simply reporting on my skiing experiences was not enough. My investment into the activity had grown. Skiing had become an essential aspect of my life. A life that took a hard right when I decided skiing was more important than anything else. It became a way in life. was born. Combining the non-religious philosophical learnings of Taoism with the stuff that makes skiing possible, the naming was deeply personal rather than analytically based on maximizing Google search result positioning or attracting new readers. The tag line was a dare, an invitation, a challenge. A statement of consequence, preference, and personal significance. And sometimes… a reminder. What is your way in life?

Skiing was no longer just about the turns. It was fully integrated into the fabric of my being. But posts on this web site continued to be mostly trip reports about conditions. Descriptive words and pretty pictures. And just like most trip reports, lacking in deeper personal meaning. Occasionally a particular day struck a chord and stream of consciousness took over the writing effort with illusions to something profound and personal. But generally the reports have been a steady blow-by-blow detailing read-between-the-lines powder quests.

Recent posts might suggest a certain change in tone or direction. That this site is becoming less trip report and more weblog. That I will be inserting myself more fully and sharing my view on the world in a take it or leave it fashion. This will be less about the trip report and more about what I personally found valuable about the outing. What inspires me. How I see the world and how I prefer to live my life.

This site is about my way in life. I hope you continue to find it valuable for the trip reports and pretty pictures. Perhaps you might also find it valuable for other reasons as well. I hope the reading is less passive and more engaging. Less static information, more dynamic reflection. Less about what happened, more about why it is important.

One thought on “What is your way in life?

  1. Keep up with the new direction, Steve, it will make for interesting reading. Anyone can blither on about what the skiing was like on any number of forums. Writing intelligently about what the experience was like is what a personal blog is all about. That is the spirit I approach the RJPSR with, though with a more light-hearted and non-philosphical style.

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