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Ugly Day at Jay


This is a complete and total repeat of early January 2007. Thankfully, we have a much deeper base than early January 2007 so a recovery should happen fairly quickly after two big storms. It is going to take at least two feet to get conditions we experienced at Jay in mid-December.

A few inches (three on average, sometimes more sometimes less) covered up all the crap nastiness on the natural snow trails. Instead of helping non-groomed trails, the fresh snow made things worse because you couldn’t tell where the crap was located. I did two quick low angle glade options and decided to stick to the groomers for the rest of the day.

Not that things were much better on the groomers. Frozen groomer tracks and real legitimate ice all over the map. Tramside skied significantly better than Stateside, though Goat had some pretty nasty looking sections.

I met up with some friends and we banged out three down Ullr’s Dream before I left at 11:30am. Ullr’s had the best conditions of the day. If I hadn’t met up with some friends, I would have been out of there an hour and a half sooner after only three runs. Definitely worst conditions of the season so far.

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